About the Bible Engagement Workshop

Many Christians don’t engage with the Bible because they don’t know how to. According to Dr. Phil Collins, Center for Scripture Engagement, Taylor University, “Ninety-five percent of Christians say they have never been taught how to engage Scripture.”

When we heard this alarming statistic we wondered what we could do to help. The result, the Bible Engagement Workshop – a free online virtual learning hub where participants are equipped to receive, reflect, remember, and respond to the Bible.

The Bible Engagement Workshop takes the form of video blogs using PowerPoint presentations that are ±13 minutes long. They’re meaty content – cutting the fat and chewing the fact!

Because everyone is unique, we all engage with the Bible in different ways. To help us connect with the Bible in different ways, the workshops teach a variety of Bible engagement approaches suitable for visual, auditory, reading/writing, or kinesthetic preference learners. In addition to teaching Scripture engagement practices, the workshops provide instruction on the principles and paradigms of Bible engagement.

About Dr. Lawson Murray

Lawson Murray


Lawson loves Jesus and loves His Word. Lawson’s purpose in life is to cultivate growth. He seeks to fulfill this calling by serving as a teacher, pastor, and missionary. He is the author of the bestselling children’s series Bible Beginners and the acclaimed handbook, Bible Engagement Basics. Lawson is a conference speaker, adjunct seminary professor, international trainer, ministry innovator, Bible engagement advocate, and National Director of SGM Canada.

About SGM Canada

SGM Canada is a creative agency that believe the Bible’s life words should be seen, heard, and experienced as a positive contribution to our lives together, in communities, and as individuals. We seek to connect people with the Bible and to each other – and to help them experience the relationship with God that the Bible speaks about.

SGM Canada started distributing Scriptures in Toronto, Canada, in 1916. Scripture Gift Mission was first founded in 1888 by William Walters, a printer in Birmingham, England. In the 20th Century, the movement spread from the UK to Canada, and elsewhere around the world. The national office is located in Pickering, Ontario. Our ministry is presently focused on several activities:

  • developing and equipping churches and individuals with creative contextualized Scripture leaflets and booklets. People use our resources to share, speak and be life words in all kinds of places, life-situations, and relationships

  • national research in Bible engagement through online surveys, telephone opinion polls, church sampling, interviews, and case studies. Our research informs how we help people tell and live the Bible’s story in today’s world

  • publishing printed and electronic portions /compilations of Scripture. The devotional blog Seize the Day is a free online resource designed to address pertinent life issues and communicate the Bible’s life words with cultural sensitivity and relevance

  • creating dialogue with others, building strategic partnerships, and restructuring to improve the position and use of the Bible in Canada, in the twenty-first century.

SGM Canada is affiliated with the SGM Lifewords global family of organizations; aligning ourselves with the common goal of connecting people with the Bible and each other.


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